Review of decisions relating to a complaint about a public authority

We offer complainants who are unsatisfied with our decisions the opportunity to have the handling of their complaint reviewed by a senior officer, who was not involved in the original investigation.  The purpose of a review is to ensure that we have acted fairly and reasonably in dealing with the complaint. If we find problems with the decision making process or in the way we have managed the investigation, we will improve our processes so that the problem does not occur again, and where appropriate, we will reconsider our decision.

How do I request a review?

If you have concerns about decisions relating to your complaints, we encourage you to speak to the case officer concerned first. They will discuss your concerns and provide you with an explanation. If you feel further action is needed, you can request a review.

We ask that a request for review is made in writing, is addressed to the Assistant Ombudsman Complaint Resolution and sets out the reasons why you believe the way we handled your complaint or made a decision is not reasonable or correct.  More information is available on the Ombudsman Western Australia Information Sheet Requesting the review of a decision.

If you would like to request a review of a complaint decision please write to or email us at the contact details shown on the Contact Us page.