Highlights for 2016-17

Complaint Numbers

In 2016-17, there were 2,478 complaints received representing a 30% increase from 2015-16.

Complaints comprised:

      • 1,747 electricity complaints;
      • 368 gas complaints; and
      • 363 water complaints.


83% of electricity complaints, 96% of gas complaints, 89% of water complaints and 86% of all complaints were closed within 10 business days of receiving the complaint.

Issues Raised

Concerns about billing and credit are the main issues raised in complaints with these issues identified in 73% of complaints received (48% for billing and 25% for credit). Of these:

    • High bills and alleged errors are the most common reasons for billing complaints; and
    • Payment of arrears and debt collection are the most common reasons for credit complaints.

Liaison and Access

Effective relationships with key stakeholders and access to our services have been maintained this year through:

    • Continuous liaison and communication with Energy and Water Ombudsman Scheme member organisations, regulators and industry-based Ombudsmen; and
    • Ensuring ongoing access to the Energy and Water Ombudsman services for residential and small use customers, and community groups who may represent them, including through regional visits to Broome and Carnarvon.

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